Reflections in Light of Boohoo’s Latest Slave Labor Claims

Boohoo Group is under fire, as it is every once in a while, over slave labor claims. At other times it is lauded for its wokeness: for example, when Black plus-size hijabi model Ilwaad Marsal was recruited for Pretty Little Thing earlier this fall. Unfortunately, using exploitative labor practices and appearing “woke” online are not mutually exclusive phenomena — in fact, they work well together.

It is completely possible for a company to claim diversity points by putting a few Black people at the forefront, while also ripping off the work…

When I was in the seventh grade, at the crossroads of so many insecurities, I hated my body and loved cosmic brownies and would have died for the book The Catcher in the Rye. Like probably everyone else, I related so painfully to Holden’s pent-up longing, his desire to change the world or at least himself to fit more sensibly in to it. I related to it even more acutely as a hijabi.

Me in the olden days, wearing a head covering
Me in the olden days, during high school.

I have a vivid memory of myself during that time, wearing one of my favorite outfits. It was a two-pieced orange set, a pair of shorts and…

Washington Square Park

One of the reasons that Another Country is so special to me is that I first read it in a state of alienation. Although I had grown up in New York City, I had been, like many children of immigrants, kept close by. So every trip was a family trip; subway rides to anywhere characterized by limbs flailing over my sister and heads nodding off on my mother and shrieking laughter at the recollection of whatever story. Being truly alone in the city — walking down the street alone, refilling a MetroCard with no one peeping over my shoulder, making…

Romaissaa Benzizoune

Freelance writer, MA student, amateur baker. Tweet at me: @romaissaa_b

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